About the Blog

Thoroughly Modern Reviewer, established in early 2017, is a blog designed to offer opinions on various forms of media, and news surrounding that media. Obviously, there will be a bias as all opinions on this site belong to that of the author. Reviews will be focused fairly evenly between TV Shows, Films, and Books with a sprinkling of Podcasts, Music, and Theatre here and there.

There is no set schedule for reviews, aside from the goal of having at least two reviews posted each week. Reviews for TV Shows covered will be posted as close to the air date as possible, while other reviews of books, films, podcasts, music, and theatre will be released as the author finishes them.

About the Author

Michael Cook is a theatre-arts major with a lifelong love of storytelling and entertaining. He has long been interested in the entertainment industry and has dedicated much of his life to learning the ins and outs of it, often flirting between careers in various different parts of the industry (film, theatre, writing, etc). His cat is currently the love of his life, and he will soon be attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to continue his education.