REVIEW: Logan (2017 film)

Oh, Logan, how wonderful you were. And how bittersweet you were. This is easily Hugh Jackman’s best X-Men movie. That’s not to say that it’s the best movie of the X-Men franchise, though it is up there for sure. It is, however, the best movie to feature Wolverine to date.

Logan tells the story of Logan and Charles Xavier in the year 2029. Something has happened that has radically changed their lives since the last X-Men movie, and they now live in isolation somewhere over the border into Mexico. Their world is turned upside down when Logan is recruited by a woman named Gabriella to escort a young girl, Laura, to Eden, in order for her to be able to cross the border into Canada and be safe. Laura is a member of the X-23 Project, ran by Transigen, an agency that is trying to figure out a way to build the perfect mutant soldier.

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REVIEW: Justice League Dark (2017 film)


I don’t know how DC manages to keep screwing up their animated movies, but man they’re sure becoming good at it.

1) Why would you give your villain the same name as a popular character from a popular series set in the SAME UNIVERSE AS YOUR FILM and not make it the same character? The movie says we’re getting Destiny. Naturally, your first thought is “Ooh, are they gonna bring Destiny of the Endless (from the Sandman) into this? That could be interesting!” And that would’ve worked since it’s established that Constantine and Morpheus had a partnership. But nope. It’s not that Destiny, sorry anybody who was really hoping for an element of the Sandman mythos to make it into a film. It’s a completely forgettable magic villain wizard thing. I dunno. He was barely developed. Wasn’t even mentioned until the movie was 2/3 finished. It would’ve been much more interesting if Destiny had been the Destiny from the Sandman. But nope. They chose another forgettable villain who had no discernible motivations other than evil or destruction or something. He had a cool power that was used effectively at the beginning and at the end, but completely forgotten about throughout the rest of the film. And the character is barely given any kind of introduction, given nothing remotely close to a motive, and falls flat as an uninteresting, forgettable character.

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