REVIEW: Logan (2017 film)

Oh, Logan, how wonderful you were. And how bittersweet you were. This is easily Hugh Jackman’s best X-Men movie. That’s not to say that it’s the best movie of the X-Men franchise, though it is up there for sure. It is, however, the best movie to feature Wolverine to date.

Logan tells the story of Logan and Charles Xavier in the year 2029. Something has happened that has radically changed their lives since the last X-Men movie, and they now live in isolation somewhere over the border into Mexico. Their world is turned upside down when Logan is recruited by a woman named Gabriella to escort a young girl, Laura, to Eden, in order for her to be able to cross the border into Canada and be safe. Laura is a member of the X-23 Project, ran by Transigen, an agency that is trying to figure out a way to build the perfect mutant soldier.

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