REVIEW: Kingdom Hearts – Chain of Memories (the Novel) by Tomoco Kanemaki

51xkt7qmjhlKingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (the Novel) is an adaptation of the video game of the same name, written by Tomoco Kanemaki with illustrations by Shiro Amano. In Chain of Memories, Sora and the gang must make their way through Castle Oblivion, a mysterious castle under the control of Organization XIII, in order to find those he’s looking for and recover the memories he’s lost.

Like the previous Kingdom Hearts novel, Chain of Memories condenses much of the game into a format that works better as a novel. The video game itself was always a bit weak; its story was good, but much of it felt like a rehash of the first Kingdom Hearts game. This adaptation suffers a bit from that, especially in the first part of Sora’s story. But once the second part of Sora’s story starts, and all throughout Riku’s story, Chain of Memories starts to find its own story and ends up being more of an engaging story than the first game’s adaptation was. Especially in the department of character development. Continue reading

REVIEW: Kingdom Hearts (the Novel) by: Tomoco Kanemaki

23197294Kingdom Hearts: The Novel is an adaptation of the video game of the same name written by Tomoco Kanemaki with illustrations by Shiro Amano. It tells the story of Sora, a boy yearning for adventure, who has to team up with Donald Duck and Goofy in order to find and save his friends, Riku and Kairi, and prevent all the worlds from succumbing to darkness.

This novel is a fairly good adaptation of the video game. It takes the plot of the game and condenses it into a better-paced story. Gone are the worlds which contain little relevance to the overall plot of the story. Instead, Kanemaki chooses to stick to the basic story of the game and let the characters shine through. This, alone, is a smart move on Kanemaki’s fault. While exploring countless worlds works well in a video game, it doesn’t work so well in a novel. Had Kanemaki adapted the game exactly as was, the book would’ve felt very repetitive very quickly. Continue reading