REVIEW: “The Essential Paradise Lost” by John Carey

91rv9yvt2mlThe Essential Paradise Lost is a book by John Carey that seeks to condense the legendary epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton into a length more accessible to modern-day audiences by cutting out and summarizing the less relevant passages of the poem in order to focus more on the characters and the central story. Along with this new condensing of the poem comes several analytical essays about the meaning and impact of the poem, all penned by John Carey. The Essential Paradise Lost is a valiant attempt at making Milton’s dense poem more accessible to the general public; however, it doesn’t quite succeed. Continue reading

REVIEW: Welcome to Night Vale Episode 106 – Filings

night vale 106I’m going to start reviewing/recapping episodes of Night Vale on this blog mostly as a way for me to remember things that have happened in earlier episodes and have an easy way to reference them when a future episode makes a callback to an earlier one. As such, these recaps will always contain spoilers for the episode it’s reviewing. In this episode, entitled Filings, the angels go to the hall of records to register as real beings and some odd things happen as a result. It’s a pretty rad episode. You’ll see why.  Continue reading